soul sunday


when can I expect my order?

please allow up to seven business days for your order to ship from our studio. soul sunday is a small-batch apothecary. rather than having loads of product sitting on our shelves, many of our products are handmade to order, so they can be delivered to you at their freshest.

can I order samples?

at this time, we do not offer product samples. our foundation kit is a great way to get aquainted with our brand and some of our bestsellers.

what ingredients do you use?

we source fine ingredients that are 100% natural. a lot of our main ingredients are organic, such as coconut oil, sugars, and coffee. we never use parabens, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance, or unnatural preservatives.

do any of your products contain nut oils?

yes. our multi-task body & shave oil and cool down sugar scrub both contain sweet almond oil. the rest of are products are created in the same studio.

what about preservatives?

we rely on the natural preservation powers of extracts and essential oils that are naturally anti-septic, anti-fungal, and and anti-chemical.

so how long will my products last?

we recommend that soul sunday skincare is used within 6 months after opening and within 9 months after purchase. our aromatherapy blends can can live up to two years.  to ensure product quality, store your products in a cool, dry place.

do you test your products on animals?

we never test on animals. we love those guys. all of our ingredients are also cruelty-free.

are all soul sunday products vegan?

not all, but most. with the exception of our positive seeds balm, which contains beeswax.